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Pro Flex Hockey Sticks is an extension of HockeyStickMan, a family owned and operated company that strongly believes in the importance of keeping hockey affordable.  

Walsh Family

The Walsh Family with Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw. 

As players ourselves we also have an understanding of the desire to play with high quality sticks.  Having worked with hundreds of pro, college, and major junior teams over the past 5 years we have become industry leaders selling tens of thousands of senior and intermediate sticks all across the globe.  Our success is based on simply offering good sticks at a low price. THE PROBLEM is that we have never had a good option for kids sticks..... 


In 2015 HockeyStickMan partnered with a state of the art composite sporting goods research and development facility to begin building a pro quality hockey stick engineered specifically for young players (under 5'5 and 120 lbs). The focus is to produce a stick that would emulate what professional players use, scaled down to fit shorter, lighter players who want to get those same performance advantages (FEEL THAT FLEX).  It would need to be done at a price point that would make sense for young families. 


Pro Flex Hockey Sticks will be available for the first time at the beginning of the 2016 hockey season.  They are true one piece sticks built with light weight, high strength carbon fiber and use High Performance Flex (HPF) Technology to maximize results of the lower flex capacity.


Staying true to the model that has been successful for HockeyStickman, we rely on the quality of the sticks and the people that believe in them to spread the word throughout the hockey community.  This means the sticks will only be available online and at some select retail locations. 

The sticks are now available for purchase at a reduced Pre-Order price in:



Europe and Scandinavian countries expected in 2017.